Sudden Loss of Dignity is a list of websites and resources that have helped me over the years. I haven't had an easy life by any means. At one point or another I have had to research a topic to find a solution to a problem or obstacle I have had. I am not the most tech savvy person out there, but i put together a collection of my favorite links that may be of some help to others just like me. With each website, I categorize and provide a description of how I use or used the website. This is my own personal collection so please don't contact me with requests. I receive enough emails and wouldn't have time to go through all of them. The spirit of this website is to provide a useful resource from my own personal perspective. I hope that some of the websites that I list can be of some use to you!


Autozone - I go here whenever I need a part for my car. I try to make most of the repairs myself whenever possible. If I am able, I don't mind saving a little money.


Barnes and Noble - I still like to support book stores with physical locations. I go into my local Barnes and Noble store to if nothing else, just browse and relax. There is just something about going to an actual store, sorry Amazon! I do shop at Barnes and Noble's online store to search for those harder to find books.


Cooking Spot - When I have time to cook, which is rare, I have gone to to find a recipe. They have a pretty good variety of recipes that are also searchable.
Food Network - This network actually makes me hungrier just by watching. The have some really great recipe ideas though. I like to flip to this channel when I don't have a favorite show of mine on.


Apple - I own an Apple computer and I go to the Apple store to get the latest gadgets and software. I just don't know how one company can hit a home run with every product that they make!
Best Buy - Is there any substitute? Unless it is an Apple product, I purchase most of my electronics from Best Buy. Now I did prefer to buy my televisions from Circuit City, but now that they shut their stores I shop for them at Best Buy.
Cnet - I go to Cnet whenever I research electronics before I purchase them. I can't begin to tell you how useful this site is. I like gadgets, so I am here a lot!


Bank of America - I do the vast majority of my banking online now. It just is a whole lot easier. With life seeming to be getting so much busier, who has time to go into a branch?
Credit Card Column - I had a high interest rate credit card and was able to find a credit card that had a long 0% balance transfer rate. I really liked the way they presented the offers and rated them.
White House Economy - I am reading about anything that may be in the works to turn the economy around. We need to get people back to work. I have had tough times, but a lot of other people have had it tougher.
Yahoo Finance - I use Yahoo finance to check on the status of my stock portfolio. I had to sell a bit when the economy took a hit so it isn't nearly as exciting as it once was.


GoDaddy - I use Godaddy to manage most of my domain names. They aren't currently managing all of my domains, but that is because I am too lazy to move them over. It really isn't that hard, but I just don't take the time.
Google - As of right now there is no substitute for Google. They just simply provide the best search results. I don't see that changing anytime soon.
Facebook - Who isn't going to Facebook? It is good to reconnect with old friends. I think they are really bringing the world closer together.
HigherVisibility's Blog - I didn't know much about internet marketing or how I should optimize my website. To be honest, I am still learning. This blog has been very helpful in improving my internet marketing knowledge.


Fox News - I go here for the latest on anything political. To be honest, they aren't fair and balanced. I don't think anyone is buying that. Their views are closer to my beliefs though and that is why I watch. I am definitely happy that crazy Glenn Beck is gone. I couldn't stand watching his show.


Yahoo Sports - I go to Yahoo sports to get the latest scores and sports news. I also play fantasy sports with my friends.